Central Oregon Real Estate Investments

We’ve been hearing for some time that the housing market is in shambles and it’s true. We are still sitting on over 10 months supply of resale homes in America. No matter how you look at though, over the long haul, real estate is still a good investment. Now may be time for a Central Oregon real estate investment since the market has dropped so much.

In some areas of the country, this is the time to shop around and pick up some deals. Where do you go to find those deals? Just like any other type of bargain shopping you may do, you have to look around and see what’s available. Not just for the house itself, but also for the area that the home is located. What is the condition of employment in the area? How are the income of the jobs that are there? Is the crime rate below the national average? Are the foreclosure rate higher than the national average? There are other issue involved also when looking to invest in real estate.

One area that I look at is central Oregon. Deschutes county is the one that I’ve been seeing for sometime growing at a good pace. People are still flocking to the area for many different reasons. A recent report came out that Deschutes Country is on pace to out pace the state of Oregon. Jobs are stable in the area, the crime rate is below the national average and as for foreclosures, that too is below the average.

I find that central Oregon real estate is favorable when compared to the rest of the country. Their economy is growing at a rate that beats the most of the other states. The property values have come down, but not as much as others areas of the United States.  Once this national crisis is behind us, you will see that central Oregon will be a leader in real estate investments. Now might be a time to get in on it.

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