Consider Central Oregon Real Estate

Do you want to relocate to Oregon or maybe you want to invest in real estate. Central Oregon might be just what you’re looking for. The area has a lot to offer with beautiful landscape, work opportunities & thousands of acres of National parks.

There are several cities/towns to choose from. The biggest city in the area is Bend, beyond that the rest are smaller. Towns like Redmond, La Pine, Prineville, Sisters Madras, Sunriver. Bend, Oregon has approx. 77,000 residents & with a city that covers 32.0 sq mi. (83.5 km), it leaves room to grow. The city has grown 50% since 2000. It will continue to grow at an above average pace for the next few years. The pre-existing homes for sale listing has increased year over year. New construction homes have grown too, which may explain why more pre-existing homes are listed.

As for employment in the area, there are many fields that are looking for new blood. The city approved the zoning for the Old Mill District few years ago and it has changed the face of the area while saving the historical past. The availability of jobs helps to support the growth of the real estate in the city. Other career opportunities in Law, Forestry, Sales and Chemist.

Thinking of Investing? The area is perfect for the investor who knows that real estate is important to his/her portfolio. Rental properties that are ran properly show positive cash flow. A 2/2 single-family home can be purchased around $150,000 – $200,000. Rents in Bend go for $800 – $1200. per month. Vacation rentals are on the rise since hotels and eating out are also rising. During the Winter, the skiing in Oregon is fantastic, while in the summer rafting and canoeing is great on the Deschutes River. Rates with vacation homes cost the same if not cheaper than Hotels/Resorts in the same area. Commercial property may be a good choice too with new businesses coming into the area. The vacancy rate in commercial real estate is quite low, if not close to non-existing. New shops & strip malls are being built on a regular basis. Feel like developing your own project? Vacant lots are available to do just that.

Central Oregon real estate is something that should be looked into no matter what your real estate interests may be.

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