More Facts About Oregon

Considering Central Oregon real estate? Here are some fun facts.

Oregon is our country’s 33rd state to join the union. It is the 9th largest state with over 98,000 square miles with 3.7 million people (ranked 27th) living in the state. If you do the math on that you can see that there is an awful lot of space to move around. The open terrain of Oregon is vast and beautiful. The elevation of the state ranges from sea level (where the Oregon meets the Pacific Ocean to it highest point on the top of Mt. Hood at 11,239 feet.

Oregon Has some of the most beautiful views to offer with several mountains ranges. The Cascade mountains where Mt Hood is located has many lakes. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the country, at a depth of 1,932 feet. The Klamath Mountains are covered by dense forests. The state has one tenth of the nation’s timber. The state provides more lumber than any other state.

The state has some of the best weather as well. It’s average temperature ranges from 32 degrees to 86 degrees. The average rainfall in the state is only 46 inches. Which is a great thing when you’re planning a trip to Oregon.
Oregon is gearing up with plans for their 150th anniversary celebration. Outside of all their year-round activities, the state is planning so much more in 2009.

Whatever reason you have for going to Oregon, you won’t be disappointed with your visit. There is so much to do and see that you will run out of vacation before you run out of things to do in Oregon.

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