Oregon Coast Destinations

For many people there is something special about waking up and hearing the cry of seagulls, the sound of ocean waves washing in and out, and the smell of salt water when you open the window. If you and your family enjoy a beach vacation from time to time, the Oregon Coast offers many unique attractions and experiences to enjoy. The entire state of Oregon enjoys a reputation of being scenic and full of nature, and the entire Oregon coast fits that image perfectly.

Located just a ninety-minute drive from the Portland area, and just four hours from Bend, the Oregon coast is a national treasure visited by thousands of people each year. Unlike other states, the beaches in Oregon cannot be privately owned and are all available to the public. This unique law allows for lower home prices along the coast, and the availability of a large number of parks with beach access. Another restriction which helps to keep the beaches of Oregon clean is the law that specifically does not allow large motorized vehicles such as cars or trucks on the beach. Unlike other states, including Washington and California, where you will find gasoline and oil leaks on the beach, Oregon’s coastal sand is very clean and free of pollution.

One of Oregon’s most popular coastal towns is Seaside, and hosts an annual sand castle competition that draws entries from around the country. Many tourists from the east coast have called the community of Seaside a “smaller version of Atlantic City” because of its carnival atmosphere and two mile long boardwalk. The city of Seaside offers several Oregon Coast hotels that range in price from affordable to highly luxurious, and most with views of the ocean.

Whether you decide to visit the town of Seaside, or one of the other smaller communities along the beaches of Oregon, make sure you spend a bit of time preparing for conditions. The Oregon Coast can be chilly even in the summer months, and packing an extra sweatshirt or wind jacket is recommended. However, in the months of July and August it is not terribly uncommon to have several days with temperatures in excess of eighty-degrees.

The coastal towns and parks of Oregon are some of the most unique beaches in the States, and provide lifelong memories for thousands of families each year. Whether you are considering just a quick trip to the beach, and are looking at buying a home along the coast, you will find relaxation, entertainment and natural beauty along the Oregon Coast.

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