Oregon Facts

Oregon State is located in the northwestern region of the United States, on the Pacific coast and borders the Pacific Ocean from the West, Washington from the north and Idaho and Nevada from the east.

The population of Oregon, 3,421,399 people, and No. 28 in terms of population in the United States. The five largest cities in terms of population are the city of Portland with 538,544 people, the capital city of Salem with 142,914 people, the city of Eugene with
142,185 people, the city of Gresham with 95,816 and the city of Beaverton with 80,520 people.

Oregon is famous for its production of fruits such as apples and potatoes, mint, grapes, and one of the four regions for the growth of nuts in the world, producing 95% of United States production. The state is also famous for the trade of timber from logging owned by the state, and state is one of the largest center-based industries salmon fishing in the world. Tourism plays a key role in the economy because of the places of natural beauty and scenic mountains and rivers, in addition to the Pacific coast, which represents the western border of the state.

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