Oregon Home Warranty Choices

If you have ever bought or sold a house, you have probably heard about the home warranty insurance. Most real estate professionals in Oregon as well as in other parts of the country suggest this special kind of insurance that protects the buyer from unforeseen repair costs.

Home warranties are almost always used in real estate transactions; however many home owners do not realize the benefits of such insurance outside of a real estate deal. If you have an old house, what is the likelihood of some appliance breaking down and needs to be repaired. Repair costs are generally affordable for low priced items such electrical switch. But what about large appliances such as heater or air conditioner?

If you have home warranty insurance, it covers the repair and replacement costs of appliances in your house. You will pay annual insurance premium ranging from 300 to 500 dollars and a deductible of about 50-70 dollars per incident. The insurance company will send a qualified technician to repair the appliance. If they cannot repair, they have an obligation to replace the equipment.

There are several companies that offer such protection plans. You can visit www.homewarrantyreviews.com which provides listing, reviews and price comparison of home warranty companies.

When choosing a home warranty company, make sure you choose the one that has good reputation and decent consumer ratings. There are several fly-by-night companies that promise everything for cheap price but will reject your claims when they are called in. It is always a good idea to check their ratings before you buy the policy.

Homeowners should be aware that home warranties to not cover pre-existing problems. That means you cannot purchase a warranty after you realize that something is not working. All appliances must be in the work condition before they start coverage. The effective coverage date is generally thirty days from the enrollment date. So that means you won’t receive any benefits for the first 30 days.

There have been complaints about home warranty companies blatantly rejecting repair claims. But this is true with only few fraudulent companies. Most reputable companies honor your claims as long as you have maintained the equipment well.

It is recommended that you call home warranty company for only big repair needs. If you call them too many times for minor repairs, they may not agree to renew your policy when the contract is over. So use your caution.

Finally keep a proof of all your maintenance records. In case they reject the claim you can prove that appliance was maintained (annual inspection, caring etc.) well. As a homeowner, you should always take good care of your appliances anyways.